Consulting between Partners


Each of our team members knows the diverse challenges in the food and catering sector from personal experience and on the basis of the incredible accumulation of knowledge from our numerous projects. We approach our customers and partners with understanding and empathy, and above all, with a relentless focus on solutions.
We offer our support at all levels of the organisation, placing great emphasis on individual and personal attention to our clients and partners. With us, you have a professional at your side, offering help exactly where you need it without imposing anything that does not suit you and your business.

If we were craftsmen, we would produce made-to-measure shoes and leave the ready-to-wear to others. In the service sector, we are pioneers for new, customised ways and are happy to leave the standard solutions to others.

Looking for an operating company

The search for a suitable catering partner or the operator of a hotel, a canteen or a gastronomic business requires good market knowledge, intuition, empathy and economic foresight. For this purpose, a special analysis must be carried out as a first step to determine which needs are to be met by the future partner, which form of contract is the most promising, and whether the procedure is to be handled in accordance with the Federal Procurement Act or in the private sector.

Our team accompanies you in all these questions with profound knowledge and professional inputs regarding the contract design. We use our unique network in the industry and support your legal department in the preparation of neutral evaluation criteria and during the entire tender process. Upon request, we are also happy to offer our services in cooperation with law firms in our network.

Conducting a study

The on-going development and progress of companies and organisations is connected with many issues as strategic changes can entail infrastructural measures, personnel changes might ensue or cause the necessity to rethink the business model.

Our team has been preparing expert reports and studies for many years that serve as a decision-making basis for the management of companies and public organisations. Years before the planned change we work out variants, calculate the basic cost impact and illuminate the image, benefits and, above all, the feasibility of planned measures.

Many decisions could be brought about on the basis of our expertises and studies in a promising and successful way. Our customers appreciate the realistic approach of our calculations and analyses and can fully rely on them for several project years. 

Training & Education

A company’s success is determined by its dynamic, motivated employees. In order to create a shared mindset, which stimulates everyone to act in concert for the success of the company, we offer training and team-building activities.

All activities are, of course, precisely coordinated in terms of content as standard programmes can usually only cover a small part of the requirements. In order to maximise the efficiency of the trainings they are individually tailored to your needs and requirements.

Our company-specific offerings are highly effective, sustainable and useful for employees and the company, so that they ultimately benefit YOUR customers as well.

...and it's fun too!


Hardly any area has developed faster in the last 5 years in the professional and commercial kitchen than digitalisation.

Our team supports you in implementing the digitalisation steps in the following fields:

  • Product Management 
    • Consulting as to software selection
    • Content
    • Implementation
    • Training
  • Equipment and device management - consulting as to software selection and implementation
    • Process management
    • Hygiene data
    • Company data
    • Energy Management
  • Digital hygiene management
    • HACCP - Digital /Implementation/Training and Education
  • Ordering Software
    • Consulting as to software selection
    • Implementation
    • Training
  • Cash register systems
    • Consulting as to software selection


The processes in most companies are very complex and above all specific, have “grown" according to customer requirements and other influences. Logistics is often a daily challenge even in small companies; in large companies, well-planned logistics is an absolute necessity.

In addition, there are requirements with regard to product management, hygiene and product information (e.g. allergen labelling). Nowadays, an electronic system for professional and reliable planning and documentation of purchases, goods, deliveries and invoices is indispensable. In order to implement such systems in daily operations, the existing knowledge of the employees must always be taken into account. In this way, everyone is picked up where they stand, and the new processes are integrated into the daily work routine.

We examine your logistical processes and systems, recommend the best possible solution and also actively help you with the implementation.

Ultimately, it is also a matter of using the available resources precisely and appropriately. Not only purchasing and warehousing have to be considered, but increasingly also the waste produced - food that has been produced at great expense and is not put to any use. The contribution of large-scale catering to sustainability can be enormous!

Product Management

The development of products and concepts in the field of gastronomy and large-scale catering was one of the first challenges our company was allowed to take on at the beginning of our activities. The creative impact of the job has kept this passion alive until today and we are always pleased to be able to dive into the developmental work for our customers.

Ronge & Partner has also specialised in accompanying companies and organisations whenever there are extraordinary changes. This often involved not only the change processes, but also infrastructural changes, some of which were essential for success. For the planning of the kitchen technology we have been able to fall back on our then partner, the prominent Engineer's Office for Industrial Kitchen Planning - the IB Stria ever since the founding days of our company.

Ronge & Partner and Ingenieurbüro Stria were able to look back on several years of very positive cooperation before they decided to combine their specialised knowledge and merge the two companies. In this way, planning and coaching now go hand in hand and there will not be any costly misunderstandings and misinformation.

The merger enables us to have an even closer coordination and consequently to provide our clients with the best possible service. One of Ronge & Partner’s project managers is available to you as a competent personal contact person - he coordinates our internal planning and consulting department, so that you can benefit from the strengths of both areas. Misunderstandings and complex coordination processes are a thing of the past - with our combined expertise, nothing stands in the way of your new kitchen.

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