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In every professional discussion, in almost every project and far beyond the borders of Austria, one topic is practically always to be found among the top 3: the lack of well-trained managers with profound knowledge of the industry.
In order to close this gap, Ronge & Partner founded a new and unique course in 2011 and has since been training certified industrial kitchen managers with great success. This course teaches and strengthens leadership skills, communication, quality awareness and flexibility, and does not forget the topics of target group-oriented nutrition or business organisation.

During the course, participants are trained in a practice-oriented manner and according to the principles of problem-based learning. The intensive round table discussions, the projects to be worked out for each module of the course and the practice-oriented lecturers mean that learning by understanding is the order of the day and cramming is largely abolished. Graduates of the course not only have better chances of promotion, but are demonstrably better equipped for the tasks as a manager of an industrial kitchen.

Many kitchen managers, who have been in this profession for years, have also attended the course, have refreshed their knowledge and give us very good reports on the course structure and knowledge transfer. Young colleagues benefit from the experienced kitchen managers and, for their part, also bring in new, important aspects of our work in industrial kitchens.

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"My goal in all ten courses was not to teach technical topics in the tedious teacher-up-front style, but to develop solutions together with the participants. I want to open the channels of thought to guarantee a truly practice-oriented training. Our courses are not off-the-shelf. They are tailor-made and based on the individual challenges in the respective kitchens and facilities where the participants are employed. We are moving, step by step, in the right direction by establishing top talent in the industry through our unique training. This not only benefits the graduates and the companies in which they work. Excellently trained managers are instrumental in raising the image of our entire industry."

Manfred Ronge
(Ronge & Partner)

Training course: Certified Industrial Kitchen Manager

Don't you think that work demands have changed dramatically? Especially if you are about to take over responsibility in an industrial kitchen or are striving for such a position, you can use this course to bring your knowledge up to date in a practice-oriented way. However, the course also offers experienced managers
a good opportunity to further develop their wealth of know-how and supplement it with new knowledge.

The training to become an industrial kitchen manager is suitable for all colleagues of the "white guild" who are thinking about a practice-oriented further and advanced training that is geared to large-scale catering, but have not yet found the training that comes up to their expectations.
We have developed this course together with experts from the sector and have adapted it to the requirements of those companies and organisations that offer large-scale catering. We are very pleased with the sustained acclaim of the course.
With this course, we are closing the existing gap for comprehensive further training opportunities in large-scale catering, making it easier for existing and future managers to master their tasks with new, holistic and easy-to-understand methods.

Target group of the course
This course is exactly the right thing for employees from the large-scale catering and gastronomy sectors who are about to take on responsibility in an industrial kitchen or who aspire to such a position.

In addition to learned skills and knowledge, many new competences are required when managing an industrial kitchen. This is exactly where the course for "Certified Industrial Kitchen Manager®" comes in and provides its participants with the necessary knowledge in a practice-oriented way!

Structure of the course

The teaching events take place in modules of 2 days once a month. The modules include teaching units such as:

  • Management organisation in industrial kitchens
  • Product Management
  • Economic decision criteria
  • Key figures and their calculation
  • Occupational safety and health protection
  • Quality and hygiene management
  • Food preparation systems
  • Process management
  • Measuring and testing instruments
  • Meal and menu planning
  • Target group-oriented nutrition
  • Regionality and seasonality
  • Personnel management and team development
  • Communication and motivation
  • Resistance in the team
  • Conflict and complaint management
  • Visits to two industrial kitchens in the Vienna area

Rückblick: Das war der 14. Lehrgang zum diplomierten Großküchenleiter
Registrations for the next course beginnend im Herbst 2024 are most welcome!

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Anna Korbuly at +43/2252/25 49 90-0 or at a.korbuly@ronge-partner.at

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