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Below we present some of the publications in which Manfred Ronge has played a leading role.

Managing community catering professionally - How to make your business customer-oriented and future. How to make your business customer-oriented and future-proof

Giel ⋅ H.-P. Nollmann ⋅ M. Ronge ⋅ U. Seidel ⋅ M. Seidl ⋅ N. Törkel ⋅ K. Üres ⋅ C. Westhäuser ⋅ D. Wolters (ed.); 2 folders, DIN A4, approx. 300 pages, incl. online access / ISBN 978-3-95468-567-7

How to make your business customer-oriented and future-proof

Numerous new trends and developments confront community restaurateurs daily with the question of how to develop their business in the future. Making the right decisions about this requires good analysis and a clear vision of the desired goal.

The practical handbook "Controlling Community Catering Professionally" supports community caterers in the professional management of their business and in all goal-oriented change processes. So that they can get started quickly, you will find the appropriate chapters for all relevant areas of control in the commercial kitchen.

Manfred Ronge has written articles on the following topics: System change, system optimisation, system adaptation & system variety; menu design / time management; hygiene safety in production.

Modern Kitchen Management - Handbook for Managers in Communal Catering and Catering

Hans-Joachim Bethge ⋅ Rainer Dörsam (ed.); 3 folders, DIN A5, approx. 2,800 pages, incl. online access / ISBN 978-3-89947-483-1

The textbook „Modernes Küchenmanagement“ provides support in all kitchen matters: information, sample templates, checklists, calculation tables for all areas of responsibility in kitchen management. 

It is the universal guide for community catering and catering and is especially aimed at hoteliers, kitchen managers, chefs, restaurateurs and caterers.

Manfred Ronge has written an article on the subject of traceability in community catering under the motto "Contribution to food safety or necessary evil?"

Allergens & Co - Labelling in gastronomy

Manfred Ronge – Britta Macho – Karin Kvarda; Trauner Verlag: ISBN-13: 978-3990334324

Since 13 December 2014, it has been a fixed requirement for the catering industry: guests must be informed about the use of 14 defined allergens. With this book, allergen labelling can be implemented step by step in a practical manner - to suit the business: starting with the 14 allergens, through oral and written information, to setting up an allergen management system.

What is most interesting for most restaurateurs are the consequences in practice: Will all existing allergens have to be shown for every dish in every menu in the future? Or is it enough to inform guests in general about the use of certain allergens in the kitchen? The aim is not to ban certain products from the menu and restrict the creativity of the kitchen. Rather, it is about acquiring the relevant knowledge and sensitising staff to the issue. Good raw material management and clear labelling within the kitchen will therefore be essential in the future.

Out of print

The Schratt family's cookbook - Culinary stories from Baden

Henriette Povse, Sutton Verlag, EAN (ISBN-13): 9783990243909

The legendary Katharina Schratt inspired Emperor Franz Joseph for decades not only with her acting skills, but also with her good cooking - the 'Kaiserguglhupf' is still a household name today. And where had Kathi learned to cook? With her mother Katharina Schratt née Wallner, of course!
The Rollettmuseum Baden preserves the cookbook of this elderly Kathi Schratt, in which she recorded her recipes from 1844 onwards. Henriette Povse, a long-time employee of the Rollettmuseum, has put together a panorama of the time around the recipe collection: Where did people go shopping back then? How was ice cream made? How was food stored?
Celebrity chef Manfred Ronge from Tattendorf has adapted some of the recipes to today's cooking and eating habits. But the numerous original recipes from the late Biedermeier period also make your mouth water!

Available in bookshops in Baden!

Culinary delights from Tattendorf - With recipes from the Tattendorf population and creations by Manfred Ronge

This cookbook opens up a new dimension of regionality: only products available in Tattendorf are used in all the newly created recipes. These are used to create down-to-earth dishes that not only taste great, but also support local businesses and thus the local economy. This cookbook impressively shows how a variety of delicacies can be conjured up with local ingredients and it provides ideas for different dishes for every season.

From simple lightning dishes to exquisite delicacies, everything is included. From the St. Laurent chilli soup to the Blunzenschmarren with cabbage salad and the apple and potato pan to the grape tart, the culinary journey takes you through Tattendorf. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy what this small village in the thermal region has to offer in the way of culinary delights!

Available at Ronge & Partner!

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