Our trademark – the owl

The owl symbolizes wisdom and vision, it is vigilant and wise, is blessed with a constantly evolving set of skills, and stands for independence and reliability. All these values completely correspond to our company vision.

When it was time to replace our previous key visual, the fork with daisies, it quickly became clear that we wanted to break new grounds in order to merge and wed the areas consulting, planning and nutrition.
Having hit upon the metaphorical connotations of the OWL in the course of the development process, the magic of the bird’s symbolism had us spellbound as it incorporates so many qualities we can wholeheartedly identify with. Consequently, our team immediately established an emotional bond with our new key visual.

In addition, the owl combines the three areas like no other symbol:


Qualities of the OWL:

  • It looks at the world with eyes wide open.
  • Its appearance is proud and noble.
  • You cannot fool it, it has found its strength.
  • It is the patron saint of wisdom.
  • It incorporates and merges knowledge and strength.
  • It takes the time necessary to implement goals.
  • Men and women born under the Amerindian sign of the owl bear pride in themselves and strive for high goals and ideals.
  • Restrictions are anathema to the owl, it needs freedom and independence to pursue its goals.
  • Above all other zodiac signs it is important for the owl to accumulate knowledge and to never stop educating itself.
  • An owl never behaves like a boring know-it-all.

Thus the OWL symbolizes for our company:

  • wisdom in consultancy
  • vision in planning
  • vigilance in all our projects
  • proactive strategies
  • the power of knowledge
  • freedom (independence)
  • constant progress and development
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