Barbara Ronge

Professional Background

  • Commercial Academy Baden 
    • French branch with focus on
    • controlling and annual financial reports
  • Volksbank Baden
    • Real estate development and subsidy consulting
    • Customer acquisition
    • Workshop management
  • Volksbank Vienna AG
    • Residential construction and real estate developer finance sector
    • Acquisition of new customers
    • Project support
  • Ronge & Partner GmbH
    • Finance & Controlling
    • Sales department
    • Head of Health Promotion

Other relevant training background and activities

  • Qualification as a trainer for student workshops
  • Implementation, development and leadership of a youth group
  • Training in communication techniques
  • Controlling and finance

Professional Career

Barbara Ronge discovered her penchant for numbers at a very early age and therefore chose the commercial training path. Immediately after graduating from high school, she had the opportunity to start a career at the bank, which she did without hesitation and accepted a position at Volksbank Baden. 

As a consequence of Barbara Ronge's unbelievably open and friendly manner she soon found herself positioned in customer service and acquisition, in addition to the activities in private customer service and alongside the originally central financial activities. In this area, Barbara Ronge very quickly showed her natural talent and her special ability in sales and in dealing with people. These qualities quickly became a professional springboard.

At Volksbanken AG Vienna Barbara Ronge was in charge of the acquisition of new customers and looked after them very successfully in the residential construction and real estate developer finance sector. Our family business then started to spark Barbara’s interest and after the birth of her son and the subsequent maternity leave, the trained banker decided to join the family business and to make full use of her skills as an entrepreneur.

As a very welcome result, our company has been augmented by a strict controller and, above all, a professional acquisition strategist and has become much more dynamic in its development.

In 2018, Barbara Ronge was granted power of attorney for both companies in the family business and the management team was expanded to include her and her brother Sebastian Ronge. As a special hobbyhorse, Barbara Ronge takes care of the health promotion projects and manages this area independently, autonomously and extremely successfully. This includes countless projects and, above all, the acquisition, coordination and training of project managers and freelancers. In addition, Barbara Ronge’s expertise contributes to many consulting projects and enables us as a company to expand the radius of our consulting projects.

Barbara Ronge has been responsible for the economic agendas of our group of companies since 2018 and, as of 2021, will be the legal representative under Austrian trade law of Ronge & Partner’s management.

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