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Partnership for Health Promotion and Modern Nutrition

Ronge & Partner has developed a wide range of competences in the course of numerous projects in the health sector. Among other things, we have founded the successful Partnership for Health Promotion and Modern Nutrition – Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Gesundheitsförderung und modern Ernährung, AGmE for short - together with our colleagues from Ernährung e3 (Nutrition e3) and Gefühlsküche Karin Lobner (Emotion&Kitchen Karin Lobner ) and have since been in charge of health promotion projects throughout Austria. 

We support schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, hotels and various health organisations with training courses, workshops, seminars and long-term project work. We have expanded our team especially for this segment with our expert pool of around 100 freelancers. These experts are specially trained by us and form an essential part of our success.

Partnership with a guarantee of success

As nutrition has become an increasingly important issue in gastronomy and large-scale catering, the AGmE (Partnership for Health Promotion and Modern Nutrition / Arbeitsgemeinschaft moderne Ernährung) was founded in 2011, and the nutritional expertise in our core team has also been expanded by a number of nutritional scientists.

First and foremost, AGmE specialises in projects in various settings: our satisfied customers range from kindergartens and their caterers to after-school child care centres, schools, nursing homes and hospitals to catering and large-scale catering businesses, all of which are, in many cases, attended to as part of health promotion projects.

Professional competence and project management capacity 

In order to optimally meet all project requirements, we have gradually built up a highly professional pool of over 100 freelance experts from the fields of nutritional science, dietetics, sports science, social pedagogics and leisure-time education, psychology, psychotherapy, geriatric care and medicine and trained them specifically according to our requirements. Based on the profound internal AGmE training and the introduction to our philosophy, these experts lead numerous workshops and counselling sessions in a wide variety of settings.

A sound background knowledge is the standard from which AGmE starts. An uncomplicated and enjoyable approach to healthy food is the standard that AGmE sets.

It goes without saying that proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle must be combined with fun and enjoyment of life. There is no place for prohibitions here, enjoyment comes first.

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