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On the basis of the training as a chef, there has been an opportunity in Vienna and Lower Austria since 2014 to prepare apprentices specifically for the challenges of large-scale catering. Ronge & Partner has developed a concept on behalf of and in cooperation with GV-Austria (the umbrella organisation of Austrian large-scale caterers), the vocational schools in Waldegg and Vienna and, above all, the school supervisory authority, in order to expand the career opportunities for interested apprentices and companies.

Find out more about this groundbreaking concept at the GV-Austria office. You will find the contact details in the menu item Partners

Apprenticeship training with a focus on large-scale catering

The long-cherished wish of the large-scale catering sector - a separate training focus on large-scale catering - is finally being realised. Apprentices in large-scale catering apprenticing companies such as hospitals, nursing homes or company catering establishments are thus offered the opportunity to meet the special requirements of the sector during their vocational school education and to acquire special knowledge and know-how about the large-scale catering sector beyond the conventional training as chefs.
The vocational schools Längenfeldgasse (Vienna), as well as Waldegg und Geras (Lower Austria) pioneers in this field. The curriculum has been developed from scratch by the school managements together with us and GV-Austria; it will be substantiated with the vocational school managements in the near future.

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