Sylvia Ronge

Professional Background

  • • HBLA Baden (secondary school) 
    • Focus on administration
    • Specialisation in gastronomy
  • Winery Pavlicek Baden
    • Purchase of goods - buffet
    • Management buffet operations
  • Landauer-Gisperg Tattendorf
    • Direct sales in wine shop
  • Self-employed childminder
    • Care of up to 10 children at the same time
    • Care of a toddler in the first 4 years of life
  • Ronge & Partner
    • Self-employed as co-founder
    • Financial management, administration
    • Project assistance
    • Human Resources
    • Power of attorney

Other relevant training background and activities

  • Chamber of Commerce Exam
  • Mental training at the Tepperwein Academy
  • Family management for 5 children and a busy husband
  • Training as a childminder at the NÖ Hilfswerk

Professional Career

Sylvia Ronge joined her husband's family business, a winery in Baden, immediately after completing her commercial/gastronomic training at the HLA Baden and took over the purchasing of goods and the organisation of the Heurigen buffet. She also participated in tending the vineyard and in viticultural cellar technology.

During the time that the mother of five managed the "large family business", her activities in the Baden winery were slowly pushed into the background and finally stopped altogether when the business activities were terminated.

In addition to accompanying her children on their way to adulthood, Sylvia Ronge took over the sales in the vinotheque of a winery in Tattendorf and later decided to become a self-employed childminder and completed the associated training at Hilfswerk NÖ.

Despite caring for more than ten children at the same time, her family - and thus mainly under Sylvia Ronge’s sole responsibility - additionally took in a foster child of toddler age and accompanied it in its development for several years until the return to the biological family was again possible. 

In 2006, together with her husband Manfred Ronge, she decided to found Ronge & Partner GmbH and, as co-founder and holding full power of attorney, took over the financial management, human resources and general administrative tasks during the start-up phase and far beyond. As of the foundation of AGmE and the takeover of the Engineering Office for Large-Scale Kitchen Planning it became clear that Sylvia Ronge’s widespread field of responsibilities could only be mastered by a person who was used to doing 100 things at the same time. Since Barbara Ronge has joined our company she has been able to hand over most of the financial management to the capable hands of her daughter, and now devotes herself mainly to the development and management of our human resources. The personnel management for about 25 permanent and now more than 100 freelance employees has made this specialisation an absolute necessity.

It is impossible to imagine our company without Sylvia Ronge, especially when it comes to social matters. She takes care of the many necessities which have inspired our company’s humane family spirit and has enabled our team to find the family business culture that is so important to us.




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