Management by Ronge

Family Business with Stability

Manfred and Sylvia Ronge had all kinds of plans when they founded the company, but they would have never dared to dream that the small consulting firm would one day become a family business with over 20 employees offering such a broad range of services!

For Manfred Ronge, the path to self-employment in the sector of gastronomy, hotel business and large scale catering was practically mapped out. Sylvia Ronge has followed this path selflessly and with impressive energy, has built up the company with Manfred Ronge and has been in charge of human resources. The fact that the youngest son of the five children, Sebastian, suddenly developed an interest in kitchen technology and that the first-born daughter Barbara became interested in the company after an impressive career in banking was anything but predictable. 

The fact that we have been defining ourselves as a family business for some time now, out of deep conviction, has not only opened up new perspectives for the family members of the management team, but also gives our employees in all age groups the security of long-term job prospects and, above all, our customers the reliable perspective of a long-term and stable cooperation. 

These favourable circumstances give us joy and enable our company to think in long-term perspectives that span generations and not just with a focus on quarterly results!

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