Company History

Long Story Short

The founding idea for Ronge & Partner by Manfred and Sylvia Ronge in 2006 was to create a service company that differs noticeably and refreshingly from conventional, standardised management consulting by being practical and human.

The challenges faced on a daily basis in the hospitality and gastronomy industry and in large-scale catering need simple and uncomplicated solutions, which are feasible and practical in the day-to-day routine and can be accepted and also implemented by the specialists and managers in our industry.

This is why Ronge & Partner has put special emphasis on a comprehensive range of services, ever since it opened its doors in 2006, which are tailor-made to tackle our customers’ points at issue. We deliberately did not demarcate with regard to the type of projects (personnel development, profitability, organisational development, management consulting, IT, merchandise management, purchasing, etc.), but right from the start we drew a clear line with regard to the industry and focused exclusively on customers in the area of large-scale catering, gastronomy and the hotel industry. We have remained true to this principle to this day, but have developed adaptively in response to specific requests from customers in other sectors. In the field of management consulting, we continue to specialize in this industry segment and have achieved the status of Austrian market leader in some areas and specialties.

Especially our entry into health promotion in 2012 - which was accompanied by the founding of the Partnership for Health Promotion and Modern Nutrition (AGmE) - and the entry into the technical planning of hotel, catering and industrial kitchens, as well as food processing facilities in industry and commerce - due to the acquisition of Stria GmbH in 2013 - has massively expanded the market for our company, although the basic orientation of the company on the subject of kitchen, meals, nutrition and food has remained unchanged. Furthermore, the sectors of gastronomy, hotel business and large scale catering have essentially continued to be our main market for consulting and planning. In the area of health promotion, our clientele is found in other organisations and companies. These are mainly public health promotion institutions of the Austrian federal states, social security institutions, as well as companies with a large number of employees, but also hotels, educational institutions and other clients.

Within this backdrop, we continuously develop customized concepts for the markets described. Due to the high practical relevance of our services and the intensive involvement of our customers in the development in all daily operations, we deliberately design our services in such a way that the solutions can be optimally integrated and sustainably implemented by managers and employees.

Since 2021, we have been operating in the market under the Ronge & Partner Group brand. This group unites Ronge & Partner GmbH, IB Ronge Stria GmbH and the part of AGmE managed by our company.

An excerpt of the services we presently offer:

  • management support
  • restructuring of systems
  • business organisation
  • Product Management
  • development and management of recipes
  • product management
  • leadership development
  • Team coaching
  • change management in restructuring processes
  • quality management and assurance
  • hygiene concepts and hygiene training
  • tendering for catering and gastronomy contracts
  • industrial kitchen planning
  • concept studies and expert reports
  • training for senior executives and staff members
  • nutrition counselling
  • health promotion projects
  • ... and much, much more!

Our national and international customers’ fields of business:

  • hospitality industry
  • large-scale catering
  • healthcare
  • catering business
  • public sector
  • agriculture
  • food industry, as well as
  • food trade.

We look forward to welcoming you as one of our customers and would be pleased to have an initial meeting with you!

of the company Ronge & Partner KG with its headquarter in Tattendorf
of the Ronge & Partner network / First international order in Russia was completed successfully
of the first office in Baden / increase of the team to 5 employees
in further education and training (academic "Gastro- und Kulinarikmanager/1st industry conference for community catering)
of the Working Group for Health Promotion and Modern Nutrition (AGmE) / Entry into Health Promotion
of the course for "certified canteen kitchen manager"
of Ronge & Partner KG into a limited liability company (GmbH) / foundation of the umbrella organization of Austrian community caterers (GV-Austria)
of Stria GmbH into the Ronge & Partner group of companies / Strong focus on int. networking via the "FoodSMART" project
the first publication "Allergen Labeling" (Trauner Verlag)
Expansion office location
The office location in Baden is expanded, company headquarters in Tattendorf remains in place
Entry into BIM technology
Extension management
Daughter Barbara Ronge joins the family business
Covid 19 challenges the entire team
Consulting, planning and health promotion are combined in the external appearance in the Ronge & Partner Group
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