A strong team

With many competences

Managing Director, CEO

Manfred Ronge


Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-0

The founder and managing director of our company is as CEO responsible for the development of the various business segments and for some special projects. The proud father of five and grandfather has a wide range of interests - in his free time he likes skiing with the whole family in winter, sailing with his friends in the Mediterranean in summer and is an enthusiastic cyclist. In summer, the busy manager likes to take care of business appointments on his Vespa and finds the rides a welcome break.

Senior Management, CHRO

Sylvia Ronge


Mobile:+43 664 20 44 868

Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-21

Fax:+43 2252 25 49 90-15

Over the years, the co-founder of the company has contributed significantly to Ronge & Partner having a perfect team. The mother of five and enthusiastic grandmother takes care of the social cohesion in the company and is responsible for human resources and in part also for finances. As a member of the management team she has a wide range of tasks, scheduled and unscheduled ones. In addition to spending quality time with her family, Sylvia Ronge finds the best balance in reading - her beloved “cinema of the mind” -, but culinary delights and city trips are also among the things she enjoys.

Senior Management, CFO

Barbara Ronge


Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-17

Fax:+43 2252 25 49 90-15

The always friendly and strikingly communicative young entrepreneur has extensive commercial training, heads the Health Promotion department and is responsible for finance, sales and controlling. Almost as an aside, Barbara is also a member of the executive board and thus active in management. As a family person and mother of a little rascal the sportive power woman relaxes best during an extended running trip.

Senior Management, COO

Sebastian Ronge


Mobile:+43 664 246 95 01

Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-46

Fax:+43 2252 25 49 90-15

The conscientious technician heads a number of planning projects in the field of central kitchens, hospitals and business catering and is responsible for the operations management in the planning segment of our company. The legal representative (under Austrian Trade Law) of our planning department enjoys spending his free time with his family and friends. Sometimes, however, the sporty family man is drawn to the mountains for a workout on his mountain bike - and his wife, daughter and mother had better not watch him whizzing up and down the mountain...

Management Assistant, Process Manager

Anna Korbuly


Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-44

Fax:+43 2252 25 49 90-15

The business administration graduate and mother of an adorable daughter not only manages the processes in the company, but also, together with Michaela Hellmann, our boss. In addition, Anna Korbuly is the face of our annual industry conference and responsible for its success and development. It is easy to understand why the fashion enthusiast likes to travel and finds relaxation in faraway countries.

Consultant Health Promotion

Karin Kurz


Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-16

Fax:+43 2252 25 49 90-15

Mobile:+43 664 883 15 194

As a mother, family person and highly professional project manager in nutrition and health promotion projects, Karin Kurz apparently still does not feel utilized to capacity and likes to dance away excess energy doing Zumba. As if that were not enough, she is currently in training to become a psychotherapist and is already contributing very competently to the well-being of our team in the field of mental health.


Consultant Health Promotion, Digitalisation and Kitchen Organisation

Matthias Foller


Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-12

Fax:+43 2252 25 49 90-15

Mobile:+43 664 887 36 996

During his studies in nutritional sciences, Matthias Foller dabbled in many professional fields until he discovered process and project management for himself at our company, actively supports the digitalization offensive, and plays a leading role in health promotion projects. He likes to find his necessary balance at the soccer field as an active player and only skips the broadcast of a Champions League match under protest.

Consultant Health Promotion

Siobhan Kienl


Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-20

Fax:+43 2252 25 49 90-15

With delicious sugar confections, the friendly and competent mom of two not only makes the balancing act in terms of time to her profession as a nutritionist and project manager in our team, but also demonstrates that a balanced diet has nothing to do with renunciation, but rather with reason.

Technical Project Manager

Robert Hadacek


Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-53

Fax:+43 2252 25 49 90-15

Mobile:+43 664 885 116 94

Hiking in the mountains is the perfect way for the do-it-yourselfer, avid motorcyclist and grandpa of two to relax and offers the perfect balance to the clear and strict technical challenges of everyday professional life, which Robert Hadacek always masters in a consensual and particularly solution-oriented manner.



Project Manager Business and Care

Ralph Neuhaus

EMail: r.neuhaus@ronge-partner.at

Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-22

Fax:+43 2252 25 49 90-15

Mobile:+43 664 889 296 29

The witty and likeable trained chef heads planning and consulting projects for our company in the area of business and care catering and provides very practical support for the digitalisation process. The communicative family man and father of two children is an enthusiastic sailor and in summer can be seen with his sailboat - whenever possible - on Lake Neusiedl.

Project Manager Hotel Industry and Gastronomy

Lukas Urban


Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-42

Fax:+43 2252 25 49 90-15

Mobile:+43 664 889 296 28

The "creative mind" Lukas Urban is truly interested in many things and is responsible for planning in the upscale hotel and gastronomy industry. In his spare time the university trained and graduated interior designer has a soft spot for bartending and barista - and relaxes with good music.

Technical Projects Assistant

Julian Beckmann


Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-49

Fax:+43 2252 25 49 90-15

Mobile:+43 664 883 616 96

The conscientious HTL graduate and likeable mechatronics engineer manages and supports planning projects in the hotel and gastronomy sector with incredible calmness and accuracy. In his free time, the family man is involved - wherever possible - with aviation in all its facets and has become a true "aviation expert" over the years.

Senior Consultant

Andreas Purin


Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-24

Fax:+43 2252 25 49 90-15

Mobile:+43 677 630 447 16

After his career in top gastronomy, the trained chef built up and expanded the menu production of a large Austrian trading company in an operationally and economically responsible position. Thanks to his business and technical expertise, our entire team and especially our customers benefit noticeably. In his free time, Andreas Purin can often be found on the tennis court, where he likes to exercise.

Junior Project Manager

Farnoosh Bagheri (derzeit in Karenz)


Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-48

Fax:+43 2252 25 49 90-15

A graduate of the University of Tehran (B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering), she discovered her passion for planning in Austria, is currently studying architecture at the Vienna University of Technology, brings a lot of practice from her previous activities at planning and construction offices and actively supports our team, especially in the implementation of the BIM strategy. Her skills in researching various topics are also extremely valuable for our entire team. Farnoosh finds her balance in botany and traveling to distant countries.

Junior Project Manager

John Glenn Bada


Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-51

Fax:+43 2252 25 49 90-15


Project Manager

Roman Hranitzky


Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-47

Fax:+43 2252 25 49 90-15


Executive Assistant & Project Manager

Michaela Hellmann


Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-10




Phone:+43 2252 25 49 90-0

With his pronounced play instinct, he provides varied entertainment in the office routine. In his spare time, extended walks, swimming in rivers, lakes or ponds are among his favorite pastimes. Top skills: Printing, copying, finding toys he thought were already lost, coming home dirty and wet, entertaining. Availability: MO-DO home office, Friday office day

Top skills: Printing, copying, finding toys you thought were already lost, coming home dirty and wet, entertaining

Availability: MO - TH home office, Friday office day



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