Future opportunity as a win-win situation

The entire sector suffers from a certain shortage of skilled workers. While fewer and fewer well-trained skilled workers are available, unskilled workers enter the labour market and often cannot find a job in gastronomy or large-scale catering. This is where we come in and organise training courses at our clients' companies that are specifically tailored to the area of work concerned. These training events turns your unskilled workers into motivated, reliable and highly qualified employees. On top of that, the measures are often eligible for funding. We would be happy to have a personal consultation with you and draw up a non-binding training concept for the employees in your company.

Individual Workshop offer

Our range of workshops is aimed at support staff in a wide variety of kitchens, who are directly or indirectly involved in food production. The Ronge & Partner team has set itself the goal of not only developing concepts and workshops with and for technical and managerial staff, but also of giving the support staff at grassroots level the opportunity to access the latest knowledge on the subject of food production. Our team of workshop leaders consists of highly qualified experts who can look back on many years of experience in their field of activity and they will be happy to provide you with advice and support.

For this purpose, we have worked out individual workshop topics, each of which will be aimed at the level of knowledge and previous experience of the target groups. The following workshop topics are included in our workshop catalogue, but can be adapted depending on the level of knowledge. We are also happy to deal with other topics as focal points. Please do not hesitate to contact us in this matter. We look forward to talking to you!

  • the optimal food supply - a quality offensive
  • how semi-liquid baby food for adults can taste good and look good too
  • Proper nutrition for patients and staff
  • Creative display of food
  • Recipe development
  • Menu planning at its best
  • Doing right by everyone - the patient and his/her critical attitude
  • And much more...

Hygienic training

Expert hygiene is part of the high-quality and contemporary standard for all kitchens. It is very important that the individual conditions comply with the legal requirements. Our team of experts helps to implement the required hygiene measures without losing the practical relevance. Our hygiene training courses are always taught with appropriate practical relevance and are developed together with all employees. In this way, the highest retention rate can be achieved and the employees get a good connection between what they have learned and their work.

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